New Filipino-Language Mini-Series Kwentuhan Tayo, Pinoy-Style! launched

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The U.S. Embassy in Manila today launched a new video mini-series on YouTube, called Kwentuhan Tayo, Pinoy-Style! This mini-series features six American diplomats speaking about their lives in the Philippines in Filipino.  It is the first Filipino-language video series to be offered by the Embassy.

“Speaking the local language allows our diplomats to communicate with Filipinos at a much deeper level,” explained Public Affairs Officer Robin Diallo.  “While most Filipinos do speak English, the U.S. Embassy understands the importance of making the effort to learn a Filipino language.”

U.S. diplomats often spend several months ahead of a new assignment in language training, learning the language and culture of the country where they will serve.  Many U.S. diplomats at the U.S. Embassy – including Ambassador Harry K. Thomas, Jr. – continue to study the Filipino language even after they arrive in Manila.

The introductory episode of Kwentuhan Tayo, Pinoy-Style! released today offers a glimpse into some of the upcoming episodes in the mini-series, which will explore the lives of these American diplomats living in Manila:

–    Dustin, who spends his weekends volunteering with local communities in Pasay

–    Chris, whose grandfather was an American clergyman who came to the Philippines in the


–    David, who loves to try new Filipino foods in his Malate neighborhood

–    Kevin, a consular officer who was himself an immigrant to the United States

–    Steve, who has traveled extensively in the Philippines

–    Dina, a staff aide to the U.S. Ambassador who learned Filipino from her grandmother as a

young child.

The public can catch the introductory episode and future episodes of Kwentuhan Tayo, Pinoy-Style! on the U.S. Embassy Manila YouTube page ( and Facebook page ( (Ref:  US Embassy in Manila)

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