Marines clash with Abu Sayyaf in Talipao

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TALIPAO, SULU/06 April 2013—Government forces from the Philippine Marines’ Marine Battalion Landing Team (MBLT) 2 today had a firefight with some 30 armed men of the Abu Sayyaf Group in the remote village of Kiyutaan.

MBLT 2 Commander Lt. Col. Romulo Quemado said the armed encounter transpired at about 7:30 in the morning at Sitio Unod Lupah in said village.

The ASG were led by their commander, Idang Susukan while the civil-military platoon was led by Marine 1Lt. Macaraig.  The marines were then sent off to Kuttong Patrol Base to conduct a security patrol towards Bandang when the encounter happened.

“The Sayyaf group withdrew towards the Southwest direction, following a 30-minute firefight,” Quemado said.

Two soldiers however were wounded at the firefight, and were recovered by the platoon led by  2nd Lt. Abalos and a squad led by Staff Sgt. Papas, who then proceeded to bring the two wounded Marines to the Trauma Center at the Headquarters of the 2nd Marine Brigade.  Presently undergoing treatment are Marine Corporal Marlon B. Balatayo and Marine Private First Class Ryan G. delos Reyes.  Those wounded from the ASG were not identified, as they were recovered by their own colleagues.

Following the incident, the 64th Force Reconaisance group dispatched military vehicles towards Bandang for a clearing operation at the encounter site this morning.  Intelligence personal of this unit recovered at the area empty shells of 40mm weapons, 246 rounds each of 5.56mm rifles, 39 rounds of 7.62mm CMA, one exploded rifle grenade tailfin, among others.   (The PhilSouth Angle)

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