Political clan members, cop, hurt in Omar clash

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OMAR, SULU/28 February 2013—Six members of two warring political families in this town were hurt and 4 others were killed in an armed clash that erupted at the vicinity of Lahing-lahing, Omar at about 2 in the afternoon today.

Omar police said the parties belonged to the families of Makintan Juraim and Hadjirun Saribon, who are vying for political positions this May elections.

Wounded at the scene were Abdu Sahibad, Mudar Kalil, Alkisar Hamsani, Nondin Janna, Jinga Durang, and Riz Ammad.   Following the firefight, a certain Dad, whose last name is still unknown as of press time, Bebilyn Sayah, and a certain Madul, whose last name is still being probed, lost their lives.

Killed in action during the crossfire was PO1 Allad Sahi of Panglima Estino Municipal Station who tried to pacify the factions.  Investigating personnel of the Omar Municipal Police Office said the motive was political and personal grudge.  (The PhilSouth Angle)

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