Capturing peace thru lens power

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JOLO, Sulu/31 August 2013 by Nash Usman Abduhadi–Sulu is an island with bountiful scenic spots, pristine white beaches, exotic fruits, rich culture, tradition and religion, yet has been depicted with negative connotations and labels especially in national and international media. This paved the way to organizing the pool of photo enthusiasts  who shall capitalize and influence others on doing good so as everyone would follow, as Sulu Area Coordinating Center (SACC) Executive Director Fazlur Rahman Abdulla once said during the organization of Sulu Photograpeace Club on May 10, 2013.

The Kusug Batah Sug (KBS), Marine Battalion Landing Team 2 (MBLT-2), with the support from the Sulu Area Coordinating Center (SACC) officially launched the Sulu Photograpeace Club (SPC) in view of organizing a pool of Sulu photo enthusiasts who shall capture Sulu’s precious gems including culture, religion, customs, religion, people, places; promoting local tourism; encouraging creative thinking and appreciation of Sulu; as well as Tausug youth talent development initiative.

“Being youth of hope who are willing to be catalysts of change for Sulu through shooting beautiful pictures which shall depict the island’s richness and positive highlights,” Norjaidir Majid (KBS President) stressed in his keynote message. Election of set of officers was done to formally organize the said club.

Sulu Photograpeace Club started its operation after being organized by the KBS. Since then, they created a group in with the same name and exposed beautiful photographs of Sulu contradicting to what is usually seen in the media. SPC also conducted Photo Walk for the upcoming “Kusug Lupah Sug Book 2” written by Frencie Carreon, Nash Usman Abduhadi and with photos from Bim Quemado. SPC is also invited to series of meetings, conferences and other functions in Sulu as they started making their name in Sulu’s history.

It is with the belief that by inspiring the youth to pick up their cameras and harness the power of social media so they can fully express their views on various societal issues afflicting Sulu to a broader audience is just but one of the measures to promote true and lasting peace in the region,” said Mon R. Corpuz. (Nash Abduhadi/The PhilSouth Angle)

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