PMC Deputy Commandant awards wounded Marines

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ZAMBOANGA CITY/05 October 2013 by Frencie Carreon–Two Marine soldiers were awarded for gallantry by visiting Philippine Marine Corps Deputy Commandant Brig. Gen. Remigio Valdez this noon.

Philippine Marine Corps Vice-Commandant Brig. Gen. Remigio Valdez presents awards to wounded Marine personnel from Marine Battalion Landing Team 2. Valdez visited a Marine confined at a local hospital, and the MBLT3 troops in Rio Hondo. FRENCIE CARREON/The PhilSouth Angle

Valdez presented the awards to wounded personnel of the Marine Battalion Landing Team (MBLT) 3 at the Zamboanga

State College and Marine Sciences and Technology  in Rio Hondo, where the temporarily deployed Marines established a make-shift camp since the attack in Zamboanga City’s coastal villages.

Valdez visited the troops, who are under the command of Marine  Lt. Col. Elpidio Factor.  The PMC Deputy Commandant  also dropped by the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga, where one of the Marines is in critical condition.

Factor led Valdez to the area of conflict in Rio Hondo and Mariki villages, this city, following a courtesy call at the office of Mayor Isabelle Climaco-Salazar in City Hall. He left Zamboanga in the afternoon. (Frencie Carreon, The PhilSouth Angle)

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