Peace is not selfish by Francis Anthony Sadaya

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ZAMBOANGA CITY/01 March 2014 by Francis Anthony Sadaya—I read an article from Our Mindanao written by Frencie Carreon, and I would like to react about the issues contained therein.

Peace is the only battle worth waging for as stated by Albert Camus, a French Nobel Prize winning author, journalist, and philosopher. But for me, peace that is selfish and egocentric do not even qualify the meaning of peace. That kind of peace is not even worth fighting for.

The Moro National Liberation Front has been self-centered. They pushed through the war even they were not supported by the Tausugs. Tausugs themselves are already tired of war. On the other hand, the MNLF did not even care of what consequences their actions would result to. Because of their want which is to hoist the flag at the City Hall, among others,  these caused the loss of many innocent lives in Zamboanga plus the pain and suffering experienced by the directly affected victims until now.

Although I still got the wrath inside of me, I still have empathy on the MNLFs. Their grievances were not taken to account well by the Government. Personally, if ever I am fed up of being ignored, I think I will also rebel but not in the same level that they did. What they did was heartless.

Just a thought, if ever the MNLF will try to ask us, Zamboangueños, if we want their flag to be raised here in our city, I guess they will get a unanimous and humongous “NO” from us. We only have one flag and that is the flag of our country, the Philippines. That is how we have been molded—to love and protect our country.

On the other hand, what struck me most on the article is that how our brave Lt. Col. Romulo Quemado II prevented a foreseen violent stand-off between his marines and the faction of MNLF the moment they block them on their way. So what did he do? “Peace” is what he did! Through good conversation and persuasions, he managed to stop a predicted armed conflict between the MNLF. This teaches us a lesson that says, “Lahat ay nadadaan sa mabuting usapan” (Everything can be settled through a good conversation).

As we can see, MNLF accorded to this because at the first place they are also human beings who want peace and order in this world. They are dignified people. But sadly, they have gotten to the boiling point. If only the Government can meet halfway if not conform with their grievances. Well, probably Zamboanga will rise in terms of economy and the like.

But we can never blame anyone among the participants of the conflict. They are just human. They also have flaws and they commit mistakes when mistreated.

I want peace. Well, I guess everyone does because with peace everything is tranquil and in order. There is no violence. No hatred. No war.

My stand is that no matter what are goal is we should always impose peace. If we cannot achieve our goal remember that coercion and war is not an option. Keep in mind that there is always a perfect time for certain things to happen that the MNLF should have taken into consideration. (Francis Anthony Sadaya)

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