IORG: Extending help to marginalized children

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ZAMBOANGA CITY/27 February 2014 by Franco Rivas Cananea—Last year’s siege alone has brought about children to live in cramped evacuation centers, eat two rationed meals daily and play drums for a silver coin or two. Add that to the already huge population of marginalized kids in Zamboanga and you have a great number of children deprived of their necessities.

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (IORG) is quick to address this issue our locality is facing and unfortunately, can’t seem to resolve soon. The IORG is a sorority of young women aiming to empower youth and ladies. Not to be confused with other fraternities, Rainbow is a non-violent group bound by the principles of love, hope, joy and care for nature. With more than thirty outreach activities held all over Zamboanga, the IORG is more than determined to cater to the needs of children all over our city, especially the deprived ones.

Trisha Ortega, Worthy Advisor of the fraternity, expresses why they find it a necessity to help kids affected by the siege, poverty and other social injustices.

Sila ‘yung may immediate need. I think mas kailangan tulungan ang kids. Kasi nga developing pa sila. Tulad nung sa siege, pag nakikita nila na may tumutulong sa kanila, di sila mawawalan ng pag-asa. So parang may effect din ‘yan sa future nila na kung sa future, may ibang mangangailangan ng tulong, sila na din ang magcacater sa needs,”  she said.

Marjorie Tan, Past Worthy Advisor added, “Most of the kids that we are helping are homeless or abandoned. They cannot help themselves. Who else will? Our organization focuses more on the youth because we believe that these kids will form the society in the future and if we help them today, we also hope to see them do the same thing in the future.”

Ortega and Tan have a firm belief that providing a child’s needs is an act often disregarded by society but when done, can bring so much life to the whole of Zamboanga.

“They are reminded that they are still children and despite all that they have been through, they are not deprived of the opportunity to be happy and playful.  Every time we end our program, I see smiles on the children’s faces,” Tan said.

The whole fraternity, however, is not content with the numerous activities they have held in its first year of existence in the city. Helping does not stop today or tomorrow for the IORG.

Tan expressed, “There are tons of kids out there who are in need of help and I think that the whole assembly will agree with me when I will say that we wish to help every child who is in need. As long as it is in our power and ability to help, we will help.”

Alexandra Wee, a petitioner, affirmed Tan’s statement by saying that when a girl helps, she is not just a Rainbow Girl by name but by heart.

With all the corruption and fraud-driven nationwide issues today, it is good to know that the IORG, even with the numerous charity programs they hosted, acquire funds through honest means.

“Actually, we are a non-profit organization. Di kami nagsusupport ng political entities so di kami tumatanggap ng tulong sa kanila. Gumagawa kami ng fund-raising activities and humihingi ng tulong sa mga firms na pwedeng magsponsor,” Ortega said.

When asked why they prefer to host charity programs for children, Tan simply highlighted the idea that “adults can already help themselves.”

Ortega said, “We live by the saying ‘Forever the Rainbow.’ We want to let all children know, especially the deprived, that no matter how many storms they will face, there will always be rainbows to make them happy and give them hope.” (Franco Rivas Cananea)

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