Silpeace Youth Camp set in May

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ZAMBOANGA CITY/06 March 2014 by Vernon Kenny P. Jimera Silpeace Christian Youth Coordinator Ruel Sagario disclosed that this year’s youth camp in May 2014 will be in line with the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Silsilah Dialogue Movement.

“We are targeting 100 participants this year. We will be giving out sessions on Culture of Dialogue, the four pillars of dialogue as path to peace, love of God and love for others and we think of sink in the anti-corruption campaign too,” Sagario said.

This year, the SYP prepares for another five days experience to mold the youth in the city.  Sagario announced that the 15th SSYC will be held on May 5 to 10, this year at the Campsite of Harmony Village, Pitogo, Sinunuc.

For the past years, Zamboanga City has been very conscious in giving space and arena for the youth sector to be actively involved in social programs. It is actually taking them away from the cold atmosphere of the city.

“Nowadays,  we need to guide them (the youth)  and bring them in (a summer camp),” said  Jadzen Nahoor Jaji, Assistant Leader Trainer in the Training Team of Zamboanga City Division (TTZC), Boy Scouts of the Philippines, when asked why the youth are the priority for summer camps.

Arden Askali, Supreme Student Government (SSG) President of Ayala National High School, shared to us that the youth of today should be acquiring knowledge and good values from the elders. While at a young age, it is the time to build them and lead them away  from vices. After some years, they will be the elders that should be teaching the next batch of youth.

Through these concerns, the Silsilah Dialogue Movement (SDM), a non-government peace organization in the city, purposely directed these concerns through the different programs they initiate.

Italian priest Fr. Sebastiano D’ Ambra, founder of the SDM,  stressed that, “Instead of thinking of the problem, we should think of the solution.”   To SDM, One of the programs which address the concern of the youth is the annual Silsilah Solidarity Youth Camp (SSYC).

The SSYC runs for about 14 years now under the Silpeace Youth Program (SYP), a branch program under the SDM. It started since the year 2000 when they were gathering the youths of inter-religious beliefs. Every year they formulate and plan out the five days camp which is offered during the summer.

Jona Vina Calica, 21, teacher at Puericulture School Center and also a participant of the 14th SSYC, believed that she is still at the youth bracket. According to the United Nations General Assembly, the youth are between the ages of 15 to 24 years old.

“I felt happy and excited, it’s a challenge for me to adjust and compete not only with this people but also my behavior and myself that I am already a teacher and I need to mingle with different personalities.”

The camp that was jam-packed with physical and mental activities gave a lot of experience and learning which can really be applied in the outside world. She also added that it was certainly a great and extra-ordinary experience because of the unexpected activities, challenges and twist. “Yes, It was like Big Brother House,” she recalled.

In organizing youth camps, there must be a lot of considerations to set,  Jaji said.  He added that you need to study the place or venue, the materials that the participants will be using, the duration of the camp and specifically the security in the area. In the process, camping would be arts and skills-based, and aside from enjoyment you need to ensure the participants will learn in the camp.  (Vernon Kenny Jimera)

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