Mindanao solon reaffirms commitment of Congress to pass BBL

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QUEZON CITY/11 June 2015 – Lanao del Sur Rep. Pangalian M. Balindong reaffirmed the commitment of Congress to pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law as plenary debates on the bill in the lower house are set to be suspended to make way for the adjournment of both chambers from June 12 to July 26.

“The establishment of the Bangsamoro nation is our only option for peace between our peoples.  We in Congress are determined to pass the Bangsamoro law to address our peoples’ aspiration for genuine autonomy. We will pursue the course of peace with determination and fortitude,” Balindong said as the House of Representatives resumed its deliberations today on House Bill No. 5811 also known as the Basic Law for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region (BLBAR).

Balindong also reacted to the issue on the jurisdiction of Lake Lanao as it was tackled in a Senate committee hearing on the bill last June 9, saying that the management and protection of the lake will be under the Bangsamoro Parliament as it is classified as an inland water.

Balindong said that “it is settled and non-negotiable that the Bangsamoro government should have exclusive powers over inland waters such as Lake Lanao,” citing provisions from the House of Representatives’ committee approved BBL now called House Bill No. 5811 or Basic Law for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region.

Article III Section 4 of the pending bill states that all inland waters such as lakes, rivers, river systems and streams within the Bangsamoro area are part of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region and that their preservation and management shall be under the jurisdiction of the Bangsamoro Government.

“The Bangsamoro Parliament will enact pertinent laws regarding the use of inland waters such as the Lake Lanao. However, the entire Filipino people will benefit from the proper management of Lake Lanao,” he affirmed.

Also stated on Article V Section 3 on Exclusive Powers, the Bangsamoro Government shall have authority to regulate power generation, transmission and distribution operating exclusively in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region and not connected to the national transmission grid.

Furthermore, when power generation, transmission and distribution facilities are connected to the Mindanao grid, the National Government and the Bangsamoro Government shall cooperate and coordinate through the intergovernmental relations mechanism.

Balindong noted that there will be cooperation and coordination between the two levels of governments in the utilization of Lake Lanao but there should be a distinction between the lake as an energy source and as an inland water resource.

“Being an inland water within the Bangsamoro, the responsibility for the protection and management of Lake Lanao properly belongs to the municipal and provincial local governments, as well as that of the regional Bangsamoro government.” the solon explained.

Meanwhile, National Commission on Muslim Filipinos Commissioner Salem Demuna voiced out his concerns on the duration of the passage of BBL and hoped that lawmakers would be able to address the needs and sentiments of the Bangsamoro people and respond to their aspirations of genuine autonomy.

“It is time to move forward, develop our human resources and tap responsibly the natural resources for the development agenda. We have gas, oil, mineral and other natural resources that should be utilized properly. Why should Filipinos continue to suffer from the bondage of poverty when we can progress without leaving others behind,” Demuna said.

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