Zambo police set contingency plans amid Paris attacks

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ZAMBOANGA CITY, 17 November 2015 by Claudine Uniana—Zamboanga City Police Director Sr. Supt. Angelito Casimiro on Monday said the police forces in collaboration with the military are exhausting all efforts to maintain peace and security in the city in light of the coordinated terror attacks in Paris, France that left hundreds dead and the world shocked.

Speaking to members of the media during the press briefing at City Hall, Casimiro likewise stressed that while the terrorist groups operating in Mindanao are mostly engaged in kidnap-for-ransom and extortion/bombing activities, contingency plans are in place for when a similar attack would happen in the city.

“We have Jihadist groups that are coming from Malaysia and Indonesia who are radicalizing the local terrorist groups. In our contingency plans, we do not leave any stone unturned,” he said.

“If you look at the different social media platforms, there are individuals who would like to be affiliated with the ISIS for obvious reasons, for monetary support,” he said, citing how ordinary children would post their faces on social media creating and/or promoting local chapters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Recognizing the accessibility of social media and how anybody can post anything online, the police authorities are validating everything and evaluating the capabilities of such individuals or groups to make good on their threats. (Claudine Uniana)

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