Peace envoy showcases Spring Summer 2016 Peace Collection

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MANILA,03 December 2015—From last season’s splash of colours to a binary, monochromatic ensemble, Filipino designer and National Ambassador for Peace Arnold Galang showcased his Spring Summer (SS) 2016 Peace Collection, despite the dark episode that happened in Mamasapano, Maguindanao earlier this year.


“The advocacy is nothing close to illusion,” shared Galang after his show for Philippine Fashion Week SS 2016 held last Saturday, November 28, at the City of Dreams Manila.


He describes his collection as an “eye-opener” of some sort, recognizing the fragility of peace.


“The black [in the collection] reflected the sadness that I really felt when [the Mamasapano incident] happened,” Galang explained.


“But I introduced white because, as a peace ambassador, I always find hope that amidst the things happening around us, there’s always a bright light, there’s always a good side, there’s always something good and positive that will come out.”


When asked for a word to describe his collection, Galang said that it is “happy.” He added: “I wanted the collection to exude happiness, even if my inspiration seems not.”


Galang plays with textures, prints, and proportions as a break from the black and white polarities of the pieces. The clean and fluid silhouette of the garments—possible with the use of jersey and neoprene—also contrasts from the monochrome.


“I also introduced a lot of laces and trimmings,” the designer noted. “So even amidst something that is so dark, if we just come up with a lot of few positive things, it will make the darkness lighten up a little.”


Most of the skirts and dresses are sheer as well. “That signifies that even if there is so much pain and negativity, there is always a way to let rays of hope, rays of love, and rays of happiness break through it.”


Galang is resolute to use his craft to push for peace, not only in his industry, but wherever his clothes and influence can reach.


“I believe that with the right attitude, if we would just only bind ourselves together for one cause, it is going to come up with something that is going to be good for us all,” he said.


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