A Message on Eid’l Fitr’

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From Sultan Ibrahim Q. Bahjin of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo:

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi Taala wa Barakatuh.

Eidul-Fitr is an occasion of joy and thanksgiving, a day filled with celebration and merriment. But more than all of these, it is a day of victory for all of us. We have triumphed as we have filled the holy month that has passed with ibadah and good deeds. We have triumphed as we have offered more prayers than usual and stayed up during the nights of Lailatul Qadr. We have triumphed as we fasted, and in our fast, realized our temporary existence in this mortal plane, knowing that life in this world is an opportunity to reap rewards for the Hereafter.
Today we commemorate this victory.
In this blissful day, as we spend time with our family and friends, as we flock to the mosques to recite the takbir, the tahmid, and perform the Eidul-Fitr prayers and do all things customary, let us be thankful that we can do all these in peace and prosperity.
Let us not forget that for some of our brothers and sisters, the fast has not ended as they continue to wallow in poverty and oppression. For some of our brothers and sisters, today will be a celebratory day only by heart, because they cannot rejoice as bombs and mortars fly over their heads, iron sticks with deadly spews threaten their bodies even in their houses of worship.
As we thank Allah SWT for giving us the holy month that has just ended, and for giving us the opportunity to reap His special rewards and bounties, let us take pause as we pray for our brothers and sisters, regardless of faith and religion, who cannot live a decent life because that life has been taken away from them by corrupt leaders and representatives.
Let us not forget our brothers and sisters caught in senseless wars and crossfire all over the world.
Most of all, let us not abandon the Muslim Ummah in Marawi, our most steadfast brothers and sisters, who continue to pray in the streets because their houses have been destroyed and their families taken away from them by cruel and indiscriminate bombs and gunfires.
Our Eid is an occasion of mercy and love, goodness and blessing, so let us wipe off sadness from the face of the sad people, and help the weak and needy, in tribute to the exercise of Islam, and tied to the bonds of solidarity in our society that is guided by our faith.
I wish you all a happy Eid.


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