Motive unknown in death of Sulu elderly

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JOLO, Sulu, Philippines/20 December 2011–The Jolo Municipal Police Office headed by Police Chief Inspector Glenn Roy Gabor said the motive on the killing by a 63-year old elderly resident of Kasanyangan village, this town, is still unknown.
Gabor, who immediately went to the crime scene with his deputy chief of police Police Inspector Alpaser Haber, said the victim, 63-year old Kizar Samsuya, was on his way home aboard his motorcycle and was tailed from behind by his assailants.  The latter were riding tandem on a motorcycle and inflicted 3 gunshot wounds at his left face, thus causing his instantaneous death.  The victim was still bought to the Sulu Provincial hospital by the police force.
Among the evidences recoverd at the crime scene were 3 empty shells of Cal. 380 and a slug of the same pistol.
Gabor assured of a further investigation by the JMPO to determine the motive as well as the identities of the perpetrators, to enable the filing of appropriate charges in court should evidence warrant so.  (CLT/TPSA)

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