Headless body found in Banguingui

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JOLO, Sulu, Philippines/30 January 2012—A headless cadaver was found at Banguingui Island, here in Sulu Province yesterday morning.

The Deputy Chief of Police of the Banguingui Municipal Police Station said that a phone call and text messages have been received from a local resident from the village of Tabialan, of said island, regarding a nauseating smell at said vicinity.

When police forces moved to the site, an unidentified headless cadaver of a male, sustaining gunshot wounds in his right breast and left legs, was recovered.

That would be the cause of his death, he said.

Earlier, a lifeless body was also found floating at the vicinity of the shoreline in Sigummoh, at the back portion of Tabialan barangay (village).  Said body is already I the stage of decomposition.

Banguingui police are however conducting an investigation if this discovery is in relation with the recovery of an abandoned colored white fishing vessel in the area of the municipality.

Banguingui has been historically known as Pirates’ Land of Southern Philippines.  It is the northernmost town of Sulu Province, but most adjacent to Basilan province.  One crosses the high seas to get to Banguingui.  (CLT, TPSA)

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